ishmael ~ # bastille help
Bastille is an open-source system for automating deployment and management of
containerized applications on FreeBSD.

  bastille command TARGET [args]

Available Commands:
  bootstrap   Bootstrap a FreeBSD release for container base.
  cmd         Execute arbitrary command on targeted container(s).
  clone       Clone an existing container.
  config      Get or set a config value for the targeted container(s).
  console     Console into a running container.
  convert     Convert a Thin container into a Thick container.
  cp          cp(1) files from host to targeted container(s).
  create      Create a new thin container or a thick container if -T|--thick option specified.
  destroy     Destroy a stopped container or a FreeBSD release.
  edit        Edit container configuration files (advanced).
  export      Exports a specified container.
  help        Help about any command.
  htop        Interactive process viewer (requires htop).
  import      Import a specified container.
  limits      Apply resources limits to targeted container(s). See rctl(8).
  list        List containers (running and stopped).
  mount       Mount a volume inside the targeted container(s).
  pkg         Manipulate binary packages within targeted container(s). See pkg(8).
  rdr         Redirect host port to container port.
  rename      Rename a container.
  restart     Restart a running container.
  service     Manage services within targeted container(s).
  start       Start a stopped container.
  stop        Stop a running container.
  sysrc       Safely edit rc files within targeted container(s).
  template    Apply file templates to targeted container(s).
  top         Display and update information about the top(1) cpu processes.
  umount      Unmount a volume from within the targeted container(s).
  update      Update container base -pX release.
  upgrade     Upgrade container release to X.Y-RELEASE.
  verify      Compare release against a "known good" index.
  zfs         Manage (get|set) ZFS attributes on targeted container(s).

Use "bastille -v|--version" for version information.
Use "bastille command -h|--help" for more information about a command.