Bastille create uses any available bootstrapped release to create a lightweight container system. To create a container simply provide a name, bootstrapped release and a private (rfc1918) IP address.

  • name

  • release

  • ip

  • interface (optional)

ishmael ~ # bastille create folsom 11.3-RELEASE [interface]

NAME: folsom.

This command will create a 11.3-RELEASE container assigning the ip address to the new system.

ishmael ~ # bastille create alcatraz 13.2-RELEASE

The above code will create a jail with a /24 mask. At the time of this documentation you can only use CIDR notation, and not use a netmask to accomplish this.

I recommend using private (rfc1918) ip address ranges for your container. These ranges include:




Bastille does its best to validate the submitted ip is valid. This has not been thouroughly tested–I generally use the 10/8 range.

A couple of notes about the created jails. First, MOTD has been disabled inside of the jails because it does not give information about the jail, but about the host system. This caused confusion for some users, so we implemented the .hushlogin which silences the MOTD at login.

Also, uname does not work from within a jail. Much like MOTD, it gives you the version information about the host system instead of the jail. If you need to check the version of freebsd running on the jail use the freebsd-version command to get accurate information.